Foreign partnership

Innovation Center Iceland hosts the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) in Iceland, in partnership with Promote Iceland (Islandsstofa) and Rannis. About 600 partners in over 50 countries work within EEN, encompassing over 3000 specialists in all sectors of research and industry. This makes EEN the largest technical transfer and business network of its kind in the world. EEN’s services are on offer for businesses that want to look for partners overseas in the fields of business, product development or research. The services are also available to research institutions and universities.

EEN services include:

  • Bringing products, new technology or services to the forefront overseas
  • Searching for foreign businesses that can help with product development in Iceland or that possess specific specialist knowledge
  • Searching for manufacturers, distributers or suppliers
  • Searching for partners for grant proposals for European projects.

The services are part of the innovation support environment in Iceland and are offered free of charge to customers. More information can be found on the EEN homepage, It is also possible to contact one of the Impra staff directly by sending email to