Still thinking

From idea to reality

To decide to venture out and run one’s own business is a huge, difficult decision which is not made at the spur of the moment. Many never get from this stage to the production stage, for various reasons. People commonly fail to further their ideas because they are skeptical of their own ability and doubt that they can do it.  To begin with, running a business appears to be very complex.  The amount of information that individuals need to have available can seem overwhelming, and things also have a tendency to take a different direction to that originally intended.

What appears to be common in successful entrepreneurs is the gift of learning, reacting and adapting to circumstances as they change.  One could say that people who prosper do so because of their ability to learn new things rather than because of what they already know. Thus a business revolves neither around what an individual knows nor around that which they need to know. Instead, a business revolves around doing the job correctly. Individuals must have a vision on where they intend to go with their business and must have the drive to implement it.

Learning before beginning a project is important, but entrepreneurs learn first and foremost from experience. It is essential to learn as much as possible about the business before starting it, but at the same time one should bear in mind that it is never possible to learn everything. Thus entrepreneurs must jump into the deep end.

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