Gefjun - a new app for children and teenagers

08. 05 2013

Locatify is one of the four companies that have been chosen for the finals in The Nordic Game Live - Pitch. The event  is one of the highlights of the Nordic Game conference that will take place in Malmö in Sweden on May 22 - 24.
Gefjun - Locatify

Locatify will be introducing their ideas for a new app called Gefjun. On Locatify's website children and teenagers can let their imagination run wild, design their own games and publish them on the app. 

The companies that made it to the finals will be competing for a fund that is formed through crowd funding on the Swedish website Framtidslyftet. Crowd funding is a new way for entrepreneurs to fund their projects with the public's help. In return the companies offer participants rewards, for example a copy of the finished product.

The winners will be announced on the final night of the conference on May 24th. The company with the most support on the website will get third of the votes, audience on the final night will grant one third of the votes and who gets rest of the votes is up to a special judging panel. On the panel are many experienced people in business, among them Doug Richard, who was one of the dragons on the popular tv show The Dragons Den.
Those who want to support Locatify can sign on the Swedish site and support the company of at least 100 Swedish kronas which is about 1800 kr.

Additional information on Locatify can be found on their website, here.