Great demand for Icelandic summerhouses

21. 05 2013

The demand for summerhouse rentals in Iceland has increased in recent few years. The startup Búngaló has made a successful business on the rising interest from tourists and has established an efficient connection between owners of summerhouses and travellers.

Sumarhús Búngaló 

Búngaló specializes in assisting Icelandic families with renting out their summerhouse. The company has been making sales records for the past four months with May also headed the same way. The turn over has tripled from last year. Today about 60% of the bookings come from abroad, but when the website launched in 2010 users were almost strictly Icelandic.
"Tourist seem very excited to experience traditional Icelandic summerhouses and enjoy Icelandic nature and culture like locals do" says Haukur Guðjónsson founder of Búngaló.
Many of the summerhouses available at Búngaló are already fully booked throughout the summer which shows there are great opportunities for families who want to earn some extra income by renting out their summerhouses.

Búngaló is one of the companies situated at Innovation Center's and Íslandsbanki's incubator center Kvosin at Lækjargata.

Visit Búngaló's website to get some additional information or contact Haukur Guðjónsson, founder of Búngaló, tel: 445-4444 / 770-0710.