Startup Iceland 2013

24. 05 2013

The second annual Startup Iceland enterpreneurs' conference will take place in Reykjavík on June 1 - 4. This year focus will be on sustainable innovation and Iceland's future growth.


Startup Iceland gives the Icelandic business and entrepreneur environment encouragement by bringing influential people from all over the world to participate in an important discussion on sustainability of entreprenurial societies.

The conference is a collaboration of many parties, amongst them Innovation Center Iceland. 
Among this year's lecturers are:

  • Jason Mendelson and Ryan McIntyre. Two of the three founders of Foundry Group. Primary investments: Zynga, Fitbit, Markerbot, Stocktwits,
  • Brad Burnham. Founder of Union Square Ventures. Primary investments: Foursquare, Codeacademy, Etsy, Kickstarter, Soundcloud, Tumblr and Twitter.
  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Author of the best sellers "The Black Swan", "Antifragile" and "Fooled by Randomness".
  • Damon Berger and Shira Lazar. Founders of What's trending, a hugely popular spin-off from CBS, got nominated for Emmy Awards in 2012.
  • Alex Torrenegra. Founder of and
    Has invested in companies such as WeHostels, VivaReal and HubBOG. Won the "Innovator of the Year" award from MIT Columbia 2012.
  • Gunnar Hólmsteinn. Entrepreneur and former director of the software company CLARA that was recently sold to Jive Software.
  • Helga Waage. Enterpreneur and one of the founders of Mobilitus. Mobilitus is a fast growing company that maintains ticket sales through mobile phones for companies such as Ticketmaster and Live Nation.         

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History shows that entrepreneurs are the most important driving forces in business. They promote a positive growth in the economy with efficient development and creations that add value.