Research laboratory

The research laboratory carries out two types of projects: service projects on the one hand and practical aspects of research projects on the other. Tests on various building materials are performed in the research laboratory, mostly in the area of construction technology, road research, concrete technology and geology/ geotechnics. Within construction technology, a large area is devoted to acoustic measurements.

Many of the tests are standardized and carried out with specially designed equipment, but considerable non-standardized testing also takes place. The latter demands special preparation and calibration each time. The non-standardized tests performed most commonly are various stress tests, which include stress tests on things such as fasteners, prefabricated housing units and other specially made items. Standardized tests are mainly performed on minerals, concrete, asphalt, steel-reinforced concrete, steel fasteners, isolation and windows.

Although most tests take place indoors in the research laboratory, some measurements and tests take place at construction locations. The most important of these involve hygrometric measurements and measurements of the density of buildings; taking samples from concrete, asphalt and other building materials; and other types of structural condition assessments.

Innovation Center Iceland’s Asphalt Center

With the advent of new types of research equipment, a special Asphalt Center was set up to measure deformation and wear of asphalt. The Center has equipment that fulfils European standards on testing and production of asphalt. More information on the Center can be found here.

The project manager at the Asphalt Center is technologist Hafsteinn Hilmarsson