Research services

Standardized research services are carried out in the Department of Construction Research and Development , along with tests on various construction materials. The tests are mostly in the fields of construction technology, road research, concrete technology and geology/ geotechnics. Within construction technology, a large area is devoted to acoustic measurements. In most cases, material tests are performed to investigate the quality of materials in relation to their use in construction, design tests and monitoring tests. The following are examples of research services and tests:

  • Measurement of particle size distribution (CEN)
  • Particle shape (CEN)
  • Crushing ratio (CEN)
  • Wet-mix test on viscosity
  • Frost-resistance test (CEN)
  • Abrasion test (Nordic abrasion test)
  • Compressive strength test (Los Angeles abrasion test, BG-mod index test, DSC test)
  • Asphalt design (Marshall test, foamed bitumen in bound substrate)
  • Measurements of asphalt content of samples sent for testing
  • Petrographic analysis. Petrographic analysis is an important factor in the preparation of all types of construction, including road construction and concrete production
  • Microscopic analysis. The department possesses sophisticated microscopes for analysis of rock samples and other materials. These are a petrographic microscope with image analysis equipment and a stereomicroscope. Staff from the Building Technology Department also have access to an electron microscope in the Materials, Biotechnolgy and Energy Department.
  • Remote monitoring of the production of aggregates in concrete.
  • Steel tensile strength tests. 
  • Window: rain and wind tests.
  • Structural strength tests for various building sectors.
  • Acoustic tests performed in the acoustic facilities located in the laboratory.
  • Various on-site tests at construction sites.

For further information on research services and tests in the construction field, please contact the Department of Construction Research and Development or Hafsteinn Hilmarsson, project manager of Innovation Center Iceland research laboratory.